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Strive For Success.

Looking for cardio boxing in Lubbock? Get the most out of your workouts. Meet all your fitness goals by attending our boxing-inspired classes!

Gym Culture & Membership Benefits

Boxing Gyms Lubbock

Boxing-Inspired Classes for Beginners.

Check off every one of your fitness goals by attending our boxing-inspired classes. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned boxer, every session challenges everyone to push themselves toward success. Our trainers guide and motivate you through cardio, abs, and mitts, so you can finish your session feeling accomplished. Join on of Lubbock’s favorite boxing gyms by signing up!

Community Pop-up Classes

This summer, we’re switching it up with our summer pop-up classes! Members and non-members can join us every Saturday at 10am for a new lesson. Entry for non-members is $5 each class. Members can attend for free. Don’t miss out! Try out Nick’s Fight Club this summer.


July 13th, 2024


Fitness Boxing Classes

Our boxing classes are designed and developed by boxing professionals and prepared for anyone and everyone. Wherever you're at in your physical journey, our classes will work with you to help you reach your goals. The classes and exercises are all unique. It's possible to join the class daily for over a year and have a different experience each time. Variety keeps the body guessing and promotes athletic growth.

Our workouts include:


Focused Cardio

Heavy Bags


Ring & Mitt Work

Core & Abs

Join The Fight

Class Schedule

Don’t let a busy life get in the way of your fitness goals! Our classes are always consistent, so you don’t miss out. Our classes start at the top of the hour from Monday through Saturday, so join class at a time that fits your schedule.  

Monday - Friday

5, 6, and 9 am & 4 pm – 6pm


9 am – 11 am 

Boxing Classes at Nick's Fight Club
Boxing Gyms Lubbock
Contract-free gyms In Lubbock.

Don’t feel intimidated by starting a gym membership. We want you to feel confident when you join the gym, so we don’t use contracts. Ever. 

We provide equipment, classes, and an environment of encouragement to help you accomplish your goals. Start your success story by signing up for a FREE class. We’ll see you there!

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