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Ready to start your fitness journey? Start a contract-free gym membership with us! From personal training to boxing-inspired classes, we can help you reach your goals. 

Gym Memberships

We’re a fitness gym dedicated to your goals, which is why we provide our gym with the equipment and resources you need to succeed.


We have a lineup of equipment to help you focus on strength building and stamina.


Our trainers revamp your workouts to keep every class engaging. We work on abs, mitts, bags, and more!

Personal Training

Work with a personal trainer to stay motivated and accomplish all of your fitness goals

Personal Trainers In Lubbock

Start Your Path To Improvement

Whether you want to build endurance for your next match, or need guidance after years away from the gym, our personal trainers will guide you toward success. Talk with our front desk for information and pricing!

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Fitness Gym Memberships

We're Dedicated
To Your Fitness

We want to see you succeed. Our trainers encourage and guide you during classes so you feel motivated to stride toward the finish line. 

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Fitness for Beginners

Fitness doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our trainers are here, every step of the way. Your starting point shouldn’t get in the way of your success. We will guide and motivate you to help you meet your goals!

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