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Looking for Lubbock gyms? Set out to achieve your fitness goals in our fully-equipped fitness facility. Learn more about our amenities before your first visit, or visit us to see our gym facilities. 

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Amenities for Your Workout Needs.

Ensure a good workout at Nick’s Fight Club. Whether you want to tackle cardio or work on strength training, we have equipment and classes for you to get the most out of your workout. Explore our amenities and learn more about how our classes can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our Amenities

Get the most out of Lubbock gyms. Nick’s Fight Club is the place to be when you want to stay on track. We want to give you every opportunity to achieve your workout goals. Our gym has tanning beds, leg press machines, and more! See the equipment and amenities our gym has for you to use during your visit!

Fitness Boxing Classes

Knock out your fitness goals with our fitness boxing classes. Our trainers will motivate and guide you through cardio, mitts, bags, and abs, so you can get a full workout in. 

Free Weights

Our free weights are great for solo workouts. We have dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, bras, benches, squat racks and a power clean area for you to complete a workout at your own pace. 

Boxing Gym Equipment

Sharpen your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts with our boxing gym equipment. Our full-size ring, heavy bags, speed bags, and other boxing equipment are perfect for practice when group classes aren’t active. 

Personal Trainers

Whether you need someone to keep you on track or motivate you during workouts, our trainers are here to help! Talk with our front desk for information and pricing.

Cardio Equipment

Get your heart pumping with our cardio equipment. We have ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, and rowers available for an independent cardio workout. Our turf is also available if your workout requires machine-free cardio.

Speed & Agility Training

Use our Olympic Turf for CrossFit or sport-specific training! This area is also used for personal training. Ask our front desk to schedule your session!

Tanning Beds

Upgrade your membership and enjoy unlimited tanning for just $19/month. Ask a staff member for details.

Locker Rooms

Coming in before a busy day? Bring everything you need and store them safely in our locker room. Before leaving, feel free to use our showers for your convenience. 

Our Gym Culture

Achieve your Fitness goals with support.

We offer more than just equipment and classes. Our community motivates all our gymgoers to continue their fitness journey. Every trainer and member creates a gym culture of encouragement and motivation. Visit us to start off strong and achieve all your fitness goals. Learn more about our culture!

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Boxing INstructors in lubbock

Personal Boxing Lessons.

Whether you’re new to the boxing ring, or want to learn a vigorous routine, we’re here to help. Our boxing trainers strive to help you achieve your goals by developing a personal workout and nutritional plan that works best for you. 

Join The Fight

Achieve your fitness goals with our workout classes, gym equipment, and more.