Boxing Basics: How to Throw a Punch

Whether you want to learn self-defense or get a good workout, boxing can relieve your stress while building your strength. We’re here to break down the basics of throwing a punch so you can start boxing with confidence. 

Start slow and with the basics. While you may be eager to learn everything, it’s essential to develop a strong understanding of the basics to box efficiently. The jab is a fundamental move in boxing. When you know it well, you can build power, speed, and accuracy. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and let loose. 

  1. Establish a firm stance:

Start your punch by establishing a firm stance. Stand shoulder-width apart with your elbows tucked to your side and your palms up toward each other. Plant your back foot to the ground with a slight bend to your knees. Once you get used to your stance, try moving around while throwing jabs. You’ll eventually want to learn to loosen up and stay light on your feet. 

  1. Protect Your Face:

In boxing, you’ll need to make a habit of keeping your hands up to protect your face. Hold both your hands to your face, palms facing each other. Then, practice your jabs while keeping the alternate hand up. Your goal is to keep your face as covered as possible for every punch.

  1. Don’t forget to Twist!

To throw a punch, you need momentum. Most beginners make the mistake of throwing their jabs without twisting. The result? A less impactful punch. To throw a powerful punch, twist your upper body while holding your core in. Start slowly to ensure you have the correct form. 

You’ll also need to twist your arm to prevent injury! When you throw your punch, you want your thumb to face your other wrist while you extend. Make sure you don’t tense up, either. Instead, focus on staying relaxed by taking breaths between punches.

Should I Start With Strength or Agility?

Start with whatever makes you most comfortable! We recommend that beginners work on their strength and agility separately. Once you gain confidence in your jab’s speed and stance, you can work on strength next. This ensures that you have the correct form to prevent


Do I Need Boxing Lessons?

No, luckily, it’s not necessary to start boxing lessons! While they can help you learn proper techniques, you can quickly start at home. Some gyms have personal boxing instructors and trainers dedicated to helping you develop training and nutritional goals so you can see more results from your routine. 

What is the Cost of Boxing Classes?

Pricing can vary depending on which gym or boxing teacher you choose. Contact your nearest boxing or fitness gym to learn more!

Let us help you learn the basics so you can feel confident and build your skills. Join the fight by starting your FREE 1-day trial or by learning more about our personal training!